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  The Stone Age outrigger canoe has evolved into today’s catamarans, trimarans and proas. They come in great variety; recreational, commercial and military, power and sail, from less than ten to over four hundred feet long. In the 1960s they were considered “anti-yachts,” and their designers, builders and sailors were sometimes called “The Hells Angels of the Sea.”

Photo:”ifalik.canoe” by John Gilardi.  Click photo to see a slide show of native outrigger vessels as seen by John Gilardi.

  Now those same designers, builders and sailors have become “The Multihull Pioneers” ... some racing crews are hailed as national heroes, and multihulls comprise the only growth area in the boating industry. Why? Because in certain iterations they achieve the highest speed for the smoothest ride, the most spaciousness with the greatest safety, and by far the highest energy efficiency of any seagoing configurations known.

  Since World War II, many individuals have invested substantial portions of their lives – some life itself – in creating this sea change in marine architecture. You are invited to read, hear, and see their pioneering stories – and to tell your own true tales of seafaring multihulls -- at this Website.  A rich, new nautical heritage lives here!