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   You are invited to submit your own multihull-related experience for potential posting on this site. If accepted (and it will be if you follow loosely the guidelines below), your story will be added to our ongoing “time line of modern multihull history and lore. Not only will it be shared with the multihull aficionados of today but it will be archived and made perpetually accessible to the public and to the nautical historians of tomorrow. This preservation happens through our informal handshake with the Mariners Museum, Newport News, Virginia. As our national maritime museum, this institution wants to become the repository for modern multihull history. Actually, it already is!

   Yours has a good chance of appearing here if it is not kooky or kinky or un-readable or otherwise unacceptable for reasons at the editors discretion. Inevitably, not all submissions will be posted.

Posting & Publishing Notice:

   To repeat a paragraph from the About OutRig! page; We do not offer to pay for the privilege of posting your story here on However, anything you submit to us is automatically copyrighted to you by federal law and remains your own “intellectual property.” Should your story create a lively interest here it may be selected for inclusion in our planned yearly anthology called The Best of OutRig! or some other commercial product. Be assured that nothing of yours will be used commercially by this Project without your permission, but also be aware that once posted on the internet it may be hard to sell it elsewhere.


   Your story must be true. We may consider multihull fiction in the future, but for now you must convince us that you are not just spinning yarns. This is all about history, and it’s the body of historical fact that makes the lore.

Subject matter…
   Almost anything goes that is even remotely related to multihulls.. Your theme can range from “How I Got Started In Multihulls” through “The Great Gale” to “How Multihulls Launched (or Wrecked) My Marriage.” In all cases, try to tell us how your story fits in to the general emergence and ultimate acceptance of multihulls. We welcome essays on design, construction, operation, racing, cruising, etc, but we want to know what difference your story has made, either to yourself or to multihulls and the world as you see it.

   Your work can be of any length. It can be a page or a book or just part of a book, but chapters longer than about 3000 words are improved by dividing them into logical segments with sub headlines for each segment. Everything you say should move the story forward; don’t go off on tangents.

   Anything works for being added to the OutRig! collection. Your work may be scribbled on a napkin or tattooed on goat skin, and we love voice-only narrations, narrated slide shows and amateur videos. By special arrangement you might even tell it to us on the phone (see the OutRig! article WHAT’S A BOOKEO).

   However, the chances of your story being posted on this Website are dramatically improved if it is:

   -- Told in text that is typed on a computer.

   -- Attached to an email as a “.doc” or “.txt” file (see note below), and

   -- The file name includes the story title and your name. Example: “MY LAST BOAT, ARNOLD CARRUTHERS.doc “

   Note: This is a change from our original policy requesting submissions to arrive here in the “.pfd” format. The trouble with that format was that it did not allow us to edit it. Furthermore it could not be read out loud by your half-blind editors ZoomText program, so he could not even “read” the stories… No fun!

   Now, with your “.doc” or “.txt” submissions he can format all stories to be consistent with the OutRig! Look, and post them in any file type. This makes for more work here, but helps us build an organic, unified body of multihull history. Thank you for your co-operation in making this change.

   Once we notify you that your story is accepted for posting on, any amount of imagery is welcome. However, in your initial submission please limit your graphics to a maximum of ten “jpeg” images, and just tell us about what more you may wish to include.

   Let us read your story, and see those ten representative images, before sending more. Please note that each image you send must be captioned and credited. Our work with the Mariners Museum has taught us that a shoebox full of shuffled snapshots, no matter how beautiful some of them may be, is absolutely worthless unless each image is placed into historical context.

   The same holds for digitized slide show or photo gallery. Context starts with a date (especially if different from the “Date Happened” of your story), followed by the name of the artist, and a meaningful, really identifying description of the image. For OutRig!, captions to “.jpeg” files are best when typed with the image instead of appearing in a separate, numbered list.

   Yes, this is all work, but it tends to induce limiting your illustrations to the ones that really do augment the story. If your computer skills permit, you may insert your photos into the manuscript where you want them to appear. Alternatively, you may place them in a numbered group at them at the end or in a separate file with their captions. photo files should each be 300kb OR LESS so that your story does not become too large overall. Photographs can be compressed to "document" size, or with a resolution of 300 with approximate dimensions 4"x6"

Photo quality…
   Sometimes a muddy, blurry picture can be compelling, especially if it shows something like a tsunami washing through the anchorage. Otherwise, internet photos are marginal at best, so to improve chances of your shots being committed to the OutRig! collection, consider these photo tips:

   1. Get close or zoom in; fill the frame with the subject.
   2. Don’t even bother shooting in poor light
   3. Go for sharpness, contrast and bright colors.
   4. Avoid “yucky” blue; there’s too much of it around the water, so try to put something red or yellow – any zesty color – in your photos.

   No tangible photo prints or other hard copy
will be returned unless by special arrangement
such as with…

   Please let us know if you have any archival multihull footage – no matter how cornball --- film or video. We offer to convert old movies and VHS tapes to digital video and return your original film with DVD copies.

Have fun!
   Despite these necessary guideline constraints, your best work will emerge if you lighten up and sling it out. If you enjoy writing it and shooting it, others are more likely to enjoy watching it and reading it. (Of course, if you get too carried away, your editor may think it’s off the wall or out of touch… He’s an old… Well, he’s particular).

   To help us keep your story credited to you, please COPY & PASTE the form below into the body of your email AND AGAIN, all but your contact information (anything you do not want visible online) and the form explanations (in italics), as the FIRST PAGE of your “.pdf” attachment and please don't forget to FILL IT IN.

   If you wish to write your own SUMMARY, Include it in the body of your email with the heading, "SUMMARY".

   We thank you very much for following the guidelines below, and remind you most of all to RigOut!

   Please fill out the following and email it to me (Jim Brown): AT


OutRig! Submission Form

Author’s name: _____________________________________________

You may use a pen name or alias if you wish. The name Arnold Carruthers is the equivalent of “anon” here, but consider being contacted as below.

Author’s contact: ____________________________________________

If you wish, include all addresses and numbers. Consider making it possible for someone in the distant future to locate you or your heirs and assigns by mail, telephone, email, website, etc. If you wish, give us your boat name, radio call sign, and registration or document number.  On the other hand, don’t tell us anything you don’t want posted on the internet

Story title:__________________________________________________

It should contain the words that relate what the story is actually about. This will allow your work to appear in searches on your subject. If you want to include esoteric thoughts in your title, make it a subtitle.

Date Happened:_____________________________________________

This is your best guess as to the date your story occurred or the date it began to occur and how long it continued.  This is imperative for us to place your story accurately on our chronological time line.

Permission to post:________________________

(Please type in “Granted” above)
This is just to make sure you have read the "Posting & Publishing Notice" and understand that by submitting this story you are granting permission for it potentially to be posted on the internet.